3 Home Design Choices in Ottawa That You’ll Be Glad You Made

hardwood flooring

When it comes to home design, you’ll be glad that you made these home design choices! While you do not have to utilize every tip here, let these simple ideas for your home serve as a passive source of information and maybe even inspiration.

Whether you’re in the process of buying a home or live in a great house that you want to renovate or redesign, there’s no wrong way to dive in and start thumbing through ideas. Everything is fair game – although with so many options to consider, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. The selections are immense and if you wanted, you could literally look through different style and interior design ideas, photos, and articles forever.

Whether you’re taking your ideas from home magazines, checking out what you like about the interiors of your friends’ homes, going online and looking at interior design blogs, or just searching for your options in online and physical retail stores, we’re bringing you three solid design choices for the home that you might not be able to resist. That’s how good they are.

Read on to find out more and get some design inspiration!

3 Home Design Choices That You’ll Be Glad You Made

1. Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to flooring, if you really want something that’s just going to make your house look nice, you have got to go with hardwood flooring in Ottawa. As anyone who has been online and scouring Pinterest for ideas and going to flooring stores can tell you, hardwood floors beat rugs or tile in many ways, hands-down. Very nice tiles can be a good option, but no matter how nice they are, they just have an entirely different feeling from hardwood floors.

Whether you’re going with a darker or a lighter stained variety of hardwood flooring in Ottawa, going to the flooring store is all about seeing what you can visualize in your home. You may have more of an older home and you want to replace the current boards with something similar, or you may just have purchased a home and feel that you need to get rid of that ugly carpet and install something more sleek and sophisticated.

2. A Darker Shade of Paint in the Bedroom.

We’re not talking straight up black paint, but soft and light themed bedrooms are quickly on the outs and are being replaced with hip and eclectic bedroom style choices. From the unique touch of unusual art on the walls to colourful accent furniture pieces to metallic objects, shelves, and sexy bedside tables with modern lamps, the bedroom is due for a change-up. Start with the paint shade: a sultry blue, an artistic charcoal gray, or a navy/dark gray shade of paint like Raccoon Fur might be just the thing to rejuvenate a tired bedroom’s style.

3. Covered Foundation

This one’s about the exterior: covering up the foundation of your home with designed stucco carved out of cement helps take away that bare, scary look to any naked foundation. You’ll raise the value of your home because the aesthetic is improved and you won’t have to spend thousands on expensive landscaping. So, cover up that foundation or hire someone that specializes in doing it – you’ll be glad you did.

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