The Benefits of Installing A Boiler System In Your Home in Ottawa

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One of the most common questions that residential & commercial HVAC specialists have to answer is which system is better between a forced air system and a hydraulic system. A supplier or HVAC contractor will confirm that the two systems have a number of differences. Before you consider any of these two types of heating systems, you need to examine the kind of system installed currently in your house. If piping is already in place, then you might want to consider upgrading by investing in a boiler system, which is actually more efficient instead of the forced air systems that require duct work.

Benefits of Installing Boilers in Ottawa

  1. Minimal maintenance requirements – Since boiler systems do not require any form of ductwork or movement of air to distribute heat, the need for regular filter changes or yearly maintenance requirements are extremely low. Furthermore, the systems are fitted with fewer parts, which translates to less costly repairs or maintenance, if and when needed.
  2. Indoor Air quality – with boiler systems, no particulates are pushed through the system, meaning your home is free of airborne contaminants. The fact that no allergens and dust are redistributed in the air means you experience better indoor air quality.

iii. Comfort – The installation of boilers in Ottawa is a common practice because in the cold winter months, warm air is not blown into every room; instead, radiation of heat occurs from the coils fitted in your home. Consequently, no warm air is blown around that could make some people uncomfortable. The system creates a comfortable heating environment that will be enjoyed by everyone living in your home.

  1. Heats up your home and water as well – When you consult residential & commercial HVAC contractors, they can actually confirm that boiler systems eliminate the need for the installation of additional water heaters. This effectively reduces repair or maintenance requirements, considering you only deal with one system.
  2. Operational Noise – The forced air furnaces produce so much noise from the ductwork and also at the heater section where the motor and air blower operate. Opting for a boiler, on the other hand, means that the noise levels in your house are diminished significantly. In fact, most homeowners who have a boiler system installed in their homes barely notice when it’s operational.
  3. Installation location – Boilers in Ottawa incorporate additional features, such as built-in frost protection. With such a feature, you have plenty of options with regard to installation locations when you choose to get a new boiler system installed by residential & commercial HVAC contractors. This means you can reclaim and utilize space initially used for an older boiler system. This is great news for anyone who needs to create more storage space.

If you have an older boiler system that has been operational for more than 10 years, then it might be time for a new product that delivers a higher level of efficiency. With the technological innovations incorporated into boilers in Ottawa, you will find many product options that allow you to switch to your preferred fuel, thereby enabling you to save money on your energy bills.

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