Before You Call a Glass Repair Company in Hamilton

glass repair

Perhaps you have had a break-in. Perhaps the child who lives down the street tossed a wayward throw and broke your window. Or, perhaps you just closed the window too hard, which broke the pane. Whatever has caused your window to break, you should call a glass repair company immediately after this happens. Before calling experts for window repairs in Hamilton, you should take a few minutes to gather some information that will help the company complete the job quickly, and hopefully the same day.

The Size of the Broken Window

A major consideration in same-day window repairs in Hamilton is the size of the broken glass. A glass company employee will not expect you to provide them with accurate measurements over the phone, but they will definitely ask you for a rough estimate. Use a tape measure to measure both the width and the height. Measure only the glass surface that is visible (what is known as “daylight”in the glass repair business). Knowing the approximate size of the glass that needs repair will help the glazier get a rough idea of the required size.
Determine If the Window Is Single or Double-Pane

Single-pane windows are easy to repair and are normally repaired the very same day. However, double-pane windows are a different story. This window type is custom-made and will normally have to be ordered from the manufacturer by the glass repair company. The whole process can take 5-10 days. Determining whether your windows are single or double-pane is a simple task no matter what amount of knowledge of windows you might have or how badly broken the window is. Look for a silver aluminum spacer from a quarter inch to an inch thick at the edge of the glass where it meets the frame. The presence of this space almost certainly shows a double-pane window.

In Case Of a Double-Pane Window, Determine If One or Both Panes Are Broken

In the case of a double-pane window where both panes are broken, it has to be boarded. However, if only one pane is broken, it can often be left without boarding. It is important to let the window repair company know in advance if it is both panes that are broken or just one.

It is important to gather some information before calling a company for window repairs in Hamilton to make things easier. Besides the above mentioned points, you might also have to determine if the broken glass is tinted or even textured in any way. Another thing worth finding out is whether the window is rounded or arched in any way. With this information, the glass company will be able to offer the needed repairs in the shortest time possible.

Glass repair companies understand that you are not a glass expert, but having as much information as possible and being able to answer the questions asked by the company representative when you call for service will definitely increase the probability that the glazier will have the right type and size of glass to repair your window that very day.


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