Hazardous Material Removal Experts in Calgary

PCB remediation

Whether you have a commercial building, a residential unit or an industrial complex, it is important to ensure that it is free of and safe from hazardous materials that could pose health risks, damage to the structure or any other hazards. However, in case you suspect that your building or structure contains such materials, you should always call in experts who can help with the removal, clean-up or sealing off the affected areas.

Hazardous Material Removal Experts in Calgary
If you are in need of hazardous material removal in Calgary, you will find various companies that have specialized in this. The highly trained crews at these companies always strive to follow some of the latest safety standards to ensure that you, your family or even employees are living or working in safe environments. Whether you need professional lead removal, mold removal, mercury removal, PCB remediation, or asbestos abatement in Calgary, they have the expertise and equipment to handle the work in the most effective way. They have specialized in:

1. Asbestos Removal
Even though it was largely used in building materials several decades ago, asbestos poses a range of serious health issues when inhaled including fibrotic lung disease, impaired respiratory function, mesothelioma, lung cancer, or even death. To help you avoid these dangers, you will find companies that can help with the asbestos inspection, testing and removal process. They have advanced equipment that helps in ensuring accuracy, efficiency and optimal safety for the team and other people around. If you are in need of professional asbestos abatement in Calgary, these experts are able to help.

2. Mold Removal
These experts are renowned for providing professional mold removal for residents in Calgary and surrounding areas. Once you have discovered the presence of mold in your home or commercial establishment, these experts will develop a comprehensive mold removal plan that is tailored to your unique needs. They are able to effectively remove the mold menace from your home or business premises, hence helping you to avoid costly issues, such as health problems and damage to the building. Moreover, they will put in place or recommend the steps to take if you want to avoid the recurrence of the problem.

3. PCB Remediation
Polychlorinated biphenyls or PCBs are industrial chemicals which were formerly used as coolants, or lubricants in transformers and capacitors, among other electrical equipment, as they do not burn easily and make very good insulators. However, after they were discovered to cause a range of harmful health effects, their manufacture, processing, importation and sale was prohibited in Canada. The best part is that the experts at these companies can help rid your business premises or residential home of any items containing PCBs and ensure proper disposal of them.

These experts have also specialized in providing safe, effective and timely lead removal, mercury removal and removal of any other materials that may cause health, safety or environmental hazards. Moreover, they always adhere to the highest standards of safety precautions to avoid causing harm to themselves, other people or the environment. Whether you are in need of expert PCB remediation, or asbestos abatement in Calgary, these professionals are able to help.

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