The Systematic Process for Choosing a General Home Renovation Contractor in North Vancouver

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When planning for home renovations in North Vancouver, most homeowners have a long list of concerns and worries. It is a surprise how they are able to pull anything off. They worry it will cost a fortune (that they do not have a budget for), or that it will take too long. But honestly, as a homeowner, these are the wrong questions/concerns. Instead, you should be asking, ‘how do I hire the right general contractor?’ With the right professional holding your hand, all else will fall in place. You will not spend your fortune and end up disappointed with the results.

So, here is how you go about choosing the right general contractor:


Yes, this is a home renovation project. However, it would be best if you thought about it like a marriage (at least for the period it lasts). During the project, you will communicate with your professional a lot. You will discuss various options, disagree on implementation and, after some back and forth, come to an understanding. If you do not connect with the general contractor, then the whole project could be disastrous.

Research the contractor along with his/her staff. Check online reviews of the contractor from past clients. You are looking for positive comments. You want to see statements like:

– He was patient with me.

– His advice was invaluable to the success of the project.

– He was there through every step of the project.


Ask the contractor to provide you with a simple run through of their working process. This will provide you with a general idea of what you should expect in your project and just how efficient the contractor and his team are. To rank the contractor in this aspect, you need to ask many of the right questions. Examples of some of the right questions include:

– Will you help me with design ideas?

– Do you have a process or a system for a project like mine?

– How do you resolve disputes?

– What is the work schedule?


The best way to evaluate a potential general contractor for home renovations in North Vancouver is by the work they have completed in the past. Previous projects help to ascertain their service quality and their skill set. But even more important, it will give you some peace of mind knowing that the contractor has handled a similar project successfully in the past.

Most contractors are ready and willing to provide portfolios of their work. This can be through videos and pictures or a link to their website. Feel free to request a visit to one of their project sites to have an up-close look at the work.


Now, this is where most homeowners stumble. While price is important, it is not the only determinant of which general contractor one should choose. Never make the mistake of hiring a contractor simply because they are cheap.

When working with a cheap contractor, you just might save yourself some cash. But the thing is, you risk poor workmanship. You need to find a balance between value and cost. Consider the value of service offered relative to the price being charged.


For every aspect mentioned above, you can choose to give a rating out of ten. Add up the final scores and choose your contractor based on who has the highest score.

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