8 Activities to Help you Stay Cool This in Prince George

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When it comes to the warmer months, sometimes you just have to put in that extra effort to stay cool. While you’re wracking your brain for ideas, you could be chilling out in a variety of destinations and pursuing some fun activities! Here are eight stay-cool activities to try out this summer. It’s going to be a hot one, so why not make the most of it? Read on to find out more.

8 Activities to Help you Stay Cool This Summer

1. Go to the movies.
In the summertime, the movie theatres are one spot you can always count on to stay cool. The theatres are always air-conditioned, so no matter what flick you’re seeing, you can chill out and feel like you’re in a refrigerator. That’s about two hours of cooling down for an affordable rate, and more time if you see an even longer movie!

2. Hit up the pool!

Why not pursue a classic summer activity and find a pool to jump in? Whether it’s a public, community, country club, or friend’s private pool, it’s such a great way to cool down. Your body temperature instantly drops, so get your suit and towels ready and start Googling the closest pool near you.

3. Outfit your home with the finest air conditioners.
This summer, a fan simply won’t do! Make your home like a meat storage locker and chill it all the way out. If you don’t have a unit, why not check out air conditioners in Prince George? An air conditioning contractor can easily install a unit for you so that the cool air begins flowing throughout your home. There are some fairly good air conditioners in Prince George, and you don’t even have to worry about installing them yourself – an air conditioning contractor will be happy to help you out.

4. Brew a nice pitcher of tea.
There’s just something about seeing a big pitcher of tea with ice in it and slices of lemon floating against the sides that makes us feel cooler already. Perhaps it’s the fact that we know that we’re about to start hydrating, or that the cool drink will help us to feel much cooler. Either way, it’s a summer classic that works.

5. Go to an indoor skating rink.

An indoor skating rink will be the perfect way to have fun and cool off, too. The temperatures in rinks are very cold, in order to keep the ice frozen, and it really cools down your system quickly. Skating knowledge is also nice, but not required! Bring a friend and enjoy this activity together!

6. Take a chilled bath.

Athletes take ice baths all the time. It cools them down and helps with swelling and inflammation. Feel like Superman as you take a chilled bath or a cold shower!

7. Hit up Target or your favourite department store for some shopping.

Stores like Target always have the AC blasting! It’s the perfect excuse to go shopping and hit up your local mall. Try on some new clothes and spend an hour shopping for things you need, while getting a break from the heat.

8. Dip your feet into a lake, river, or shaded creek.

Lastly, you can always look up a local creek or naturally occurring swimming hole and take a dip! It’ll help you stay cool and is tons of fun to boot. You can even pack a picnic and go with some friends. Just make sure it is a safe, accessible area that is cleared for public use before you head out.

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