Air Conditioning Repair Tips in London

air conditioning repair

If you are reading this, you are obviously looking for some air conditioning repair tips. And from an expert’s point of view, you are not alone. Most homeowners are scouring the Internet for such information. While in most cases it is important that you leave the air conditioning repair to heating contractors in London, below are some tips to consider before calling a professional.

Air Conditioner will not turn on following a Storm

Usually when the power goes out following a storm and even when the rest of the house’s electricity comes back on, the A/C remains dead. For this problem, you can try the below steps:

  • First, switch the thermostat to the off position. You should not turn it back on until the 4th step
  • Reset the A/C’s circuit breaker. During the storm, there might have been a power surge that overloaded the system and caused the A/C’s breaker to trip. You should locate the circuit breaker box in the garage and locate the A/C label. In the event yours is not labeled, it usually is the switch that is between the on and off. Flip the switch all the way off and then flip it back on
  • Give it 30 minutes. The A/C needs some time to reset its circuit breaker (internal). During this time, the thermostat should be in the off position
  • Turn the thermostat to cool. This should bring your A/C back to life

The air never really gets cool enough

The best A/C repair advice you can get is to regularly change the air filter. Air filters tend to get clogged over time with dust, pet hair and other debris. When the air filter is clogged, the system does not function efficiently. Changing the air filter makes a big difference.

One room is always hot

If the room in question has many windows and they are always open, letting in the sunshine, your A/C will have to work double time to achieve a cool atmosphere (especially when the sun is at its peak). Before you blame the A/C for not doing its work, you should try closing the curtains and blinds. Also, on that side of the house, try planting some shrubs and trees that will provide shade in the years to come.

The electric bill is super high

During summer, most homeowners are slapped with high energy bills. Without thinking twice, they blame their A/C. They think that surely something must be wrong with the system. Well, while it is true something might be amiss, this is not always the case. In most cases, the system is intact and working efficiently. The problem usually is that cool air is leaking through gaps in the windows and doors, which causes the system to work harder to achieve the thermostat setting. Needless to say, this causes inflation in the electric bill.

In addition, you just might have poor insulation in the attic and in the walls to keep hot air out. Try sealing these gaps before attempting to repair the A/C.

Still having problems?

If you still have problems after trying the above pointers, you should proceed to choose an expert from the many heating contractors in London. A professional is truly bound to fix the problem for you permanently.

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