Basement Crack Repair & Basement Waterproofing; What You Should Know in Edmonton

basement waterproofing

Whether you need basement crack repair or basement waterproofing in Edmonton, it is imperative that you locate a highly skilled, reputable contractor to oversee the successful completion of the project. Below we explore some aspects that you might have to consider when seeking out specialists to work on the basement or foundation of your home.

Contrary to popular belief, fixing any visible foundation cracks is no simple task. The different types of foundations and foundation cracks, including the specific techniques of executing basement crack repair, means that you only get professional, desirable results when you engage a basement repair contractor. If you notice any cracks on your walls or even in your basement, you should get a professional to fix them immediately. Below are some important points to consider before you hire someone to complete the repairs.

The foundation type will largely determine the method applied to fix cracks. Cracks appearing in a foundation created by pouring concrete is filled using a flexible and expanding urethane sealant via an injection technique because such walls are monolithic and solid.

Cracks in stone, brick, or block, on the other hand, cannot be fixed using the injection method discussed above because the walls have many pieces put together and held by mortar, which tends to be porous. Therefore, cracks in such foundations should ideally be fixed from the exterior using a trowel on the elastomeric membrane. However, if the suggested repairs are not affordable or practical, the specialists can install a tear-resistant liner to protect the basement from any moisture seepages. It might also be necessary to install an under-floor system of drainage for the collection of moisture buildup.

When considering basement crack repair and basement waterproofing in Edmonton, it is worth noting that epoxy can be used to fix the poured concrete foundations. However, if the ground pressure is pushing against your foundation walls, epoxy cannot truly prevent your wall from developing cracks again and leaks will be imminent. Thankfully, you can consult the specialist contractors who are familiar with other sealing methods and techniques that can be used for basement crack repair and basement waterproofing.

Basement Waterproofing in Edmonton

When it comes to basement waterproofing, you need to do more than just patching up the notorious trouble spots. You need to go a step further and identify the sources causing the leaks, check for potential foundation issues and prevent future leaks.

When you suddenly realize that you need services related to basement waterproofing in Edmonton, then you must first identify the source causing the leaks or wetness in the basement of your home. You can do this by taping foil to the inner section of your foundation wall and allow it to sit there for a few days. Remove the foil and check whether the walls are showing any signs of wetness. If you notice that both sides are wet, then it possibly means that the problem affects the inner and outer sections of your home’s foundation.

Moisture on the foil is an indication that the moisture is going through your home’s foundation. Consequently, you need to find a specialist to perform basement waterproofing in Edmonton, including the vital repairs that might be needed.

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