Factors to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Vanities in Port Coquitlam

bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanities play a significant role in determining the style and feel of your bathroom. The right one can improve your bathroom’s look as well as offer increased convenience. Vanities come in different designs and sizes, which makes choosing the one appropriate for your situation difficult. If you’re remodeling your bathroom in Port Coquitlam or just considering replacing an old vanity, here are the factors to consider.

The Available Space

The vanity style or design you choose will largely depend on the available space. You will want it to allow for the opening of doors and drawers while not sacrificing storage. If your bathroom is small, you may have to consider a narrow design with a single sink. For a large bathroom, your options may not be as limited regarding vanity size or style. Choose a design that offers ample space for the countertop as well as storage. You may also want to consider a two-sink vanity.

The Type of People Using the Bathroom

Bathroom vanities can reach a height of 3 feet, which would be too high for children. If you have kids using the bathroom, you may want to choose a low vanity that accommodates their height. Otherwise, a high design would work well for adults who want a sink that doesn’t require them to bend.

Countertop Material

Countertop materials are varied, and your Port Coquitlam countertops and vanities supplier will have a wide range of them. While the type you choose will be based on your preferences, make sure you understand the advantages and downsides of the material you select. A tile countertop, for example, would be more demanding to clean along the grout lines while a wood countertop gets damaged by moisture easily.

The Number of People Using the Bathroom

Your bathroom may be one that has more than one person using it at the same time, as can happen if you have children in your home. If such is the case, go for the double-sink design. It will make your bathroom more usable and convenient. Double-sink vanities may compromise on the available countertop space. As a result, they wouldn’t make a good choice if more than one person uses the vanity top at the same time.

 Amount of Storage

What kind of items will you keep in the vanity? Some people only use their bathroom vanities for personal items such as towels and toilet paper. Others will use it for the storage of cleaning products as well. If you’re one of those people who use it to store lots of things, go for a design and size offering adequate storage space. But remember to consider the size of your bathroom.

Choosing a vanity that suits your bathroom can be a challenge, but it becomes easy if you know what you want for the height, storage, countertop size, and more. When buying one, choose a Port Coquitlam countertops and bathroom vanities supplier who can offer variety. Also, look for one who allows for customized designs, offers vanity installation services, and sells at fair prices.

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