Home Security Equipment – Identify Your Needs First in Calgary

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Having a home security system is something every homeowner thinks about, but the challenge lies in choosing the most suitable security option available so that you get the appropriate level of protection. There are many different kinds of security systems for homes on the market today, so choosing the right one might be overwhelming at times. Read on to get more information on choosing a security system that suits your home.

Essentially, security systems are one of 2 kinds: monitored systems and unmonitored systems. Monitored security systems include around the clock surveillance by the company itself that provided the system. The unmonitored systems don’t have a monthly fee because you are monitoring it on your own. Here is a look at the most popular kinds of home security systems that you can add to you residence.

Monitor Detectors

These are primarily meant to detect, as well as prevent unauthorized access to your home. Generally, these monitors are placed at windows or doors and when breached, the alarm goes off. When purchasing a motion detector for your home, ensure that it has the option of adjusting the sensitivity level so that you can minimize the possibility of getting false alarms.

Smoke and Fire Detectors

These types of home security equipment, as the name suggests, are utilized as a protection against smoke and fire. Most modern houses today are equipped with these detectors right from when they are constructed. However, if your home does not have smoke and fire detectors fitted during construction, consider them a necessary addition.

Window and Door Contacts

These are a common part of most modern alarms systems in Calgary. Their purpose is to determine if a window or a door has been left open unintentionally. The device sends a signal to the alarm system in such a case, which sets it off, making the monitoring team or the homeowner aware of the situation.

External Video Cameras

These are possibly the first kind of DIY security option to come about in the residential security market. Security cameras can be either wired or wireless. External video cameras are generally easy to install and only require mounting the devices outside the home in the desired location. This kind of security system is mostly found in homes, shopping malls, stores, industries and companies where continuous monitoring is needed. Most security cameras come with the option to be hooked up with video recording devices for continuous recording.

Flood and Water Sirens

These generally come as an optional feature in residential security alarms systems in Calgary. However, they are very crucial for houses with a basement or houses that are near a river, sea or lake. These sensors can detect high levels of water at the sump pump or when water is present in areas of the house where it should not be.

Security Sirens

The function of security sirens is to let an emergency situation be known. The siren can also scare off thieves and intruders with its sound. If you choose an unmonitored home security system, a siren is an important accessory.


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