A Look at the Benefits of Wood Fences in Burlington

wood fences

Wooden fences are among the most loved and commonly used fencing option by many people. Homeowners and farmers use this type of fence for their barns, homes and farms. If you are looking for a fencing material for your home, then a wooden fence would be a good choice. However, whatever type of fence you choose for your property, you must have it properly installed to enjoy its benefits. Before getting started, you should talk to wooden, aluminum, vinyl or chain link fence builders to help you out. Your choice here will depend on the type of fence you want. Here is a look at the main benefits of wood fences in Burlington:


One of the main advantages of wood fences in Burlington is that they are very friendly to the environment, as compared to aluminum or vinyl fences. Wood is a natural material that matures synergistically. The trees used to make wooden fences can be grown in large scale and old fencing panels can be discarded without the risk of harming the environment. If you care about the environment, then a wooden fence is a good choice.

Easy to Install

Unlike other kinds of fences such as wrought iron, wood fences are very easy to install. If a post is taller than the rest, it can be cut out easily to the required length, even if the concrete footing has already been set. Metal and vinyl posts are fabricated, which means that their heights are not easily adjustable. However, it is advisable to hire a professional for the job so that you can get the desired results. Metal, vinyl, wooden and chain link fence builders will help you get the best fence for your home.

Aesthetic Appeal

Wood fences play an important role in adding an aesthetic value to your home. The added beauty of wood fences in Burlington can be achieved through various ways, such as staining, painting and carving. You can buy water resistant paints and stains from a local hardware or paint store and have the option to choose your favorite colours or shades of stain. Besides, wooden posts can be repainted regularly to change the look of the fence and to prevent it from looking worn out or dilapidated.


Wood fences are available in a variety of impressive designs that you can choose from. Notable wood fence designs include table top, picket, stockade, lattice top, space board, paddock, split rail and post-and-rail. There is also a selection of caps that you can buy for wooden posts, which range from wood caps to copper caps that are equipped with solar lights to provide beautiful lighting at night.


In comparison to many fencing options,wood fences in Burlington are reasonably priced. The materials used to make wood fences cost considerably less, compared to other fencing materials like metal. If there is a need to repair or replace wooden posts, you can easily work on individual pieces rather than having to take out whole sections of the fence to get the job done.

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