Repainting Your Home? Check Out These Shades from Benjamin Moore in North York!

Benjamin Moore

Everyone knows that Benjamin Moore has some of the best shades available today on the market and they are constantly coming up with new ones for homeowners to snap up for their house.

If you’re a homeowner that has decided to repaint or paint for the first time, you’re likely looking for something better than what you had in the first place!


Decorating is not the way to go and then following it up with painting. You’re going to want to choose the shades for your home or go check them out in a Benjamin Moore in North York before choosing new decor, furniture, and other aspects of your interior design.


If you’re on the same page and you know what we’re talking about and need to shop around for some new paint shades for your home and want some fabulous suggestions, you have come to the right place. Read on and discover our top Benjamin Moore paint shades and see which of our recommendations that you really love. There is bound to be at least one!


Repainting Your Home? Check Out These Shades from Benjamin Moore!


Chantilly Lace: A classic nearly-white that is nice for any room you don’t want to go crazy with colour in and just want that basic white canvas colour with a slight twist.


Gray Owl: Gray Owl is just one of the loveliest shades of paint on the market in the gray area.


Wrought Iron: This deep gray just hits all the right notes. Even if you aren’t a natural fan of the dark gray shades, this wonderful rich gray is going to win you over before you even know it.


Dragon’s Breath: Fly over uncharted lands with this rich brown-gray shade!


Black: It takes a certain boldness to paint the walls black, but the options for chic decorating will be endless.


Van Deusen Blue: You’ll fall in love with this oceanic meets prep school blue.


Essex Green: This English green is absolutely dark, but maybe that’s why you’ll become obsessed with it.


Hunter Green: Slightly more verdant than the deep olive of Essex Green. If you love these greens but want something slightly different, you can always consult staff at a store that sells Benjamin Moore in North York.


Sweet Celadon: This light green is the light green to have if you’re going to go for a lighter green.


Come Sail Away: This minty and frothy green-blue is so refreshing that you’ll feel like you’re out on a quick sailboat jaunt on the Atlantic.


Summer Showers: A sky blue to shame all others and likely available in nearly any store that carries Benjamin Moore in Woodbridge.


Dry Sage: If you want a nice olive green then check out this shade from Benjamin Moore.


Pink Lace: This bubblegum pink has a certain appeal.


Elephant Pink: This lightest of the pinks is so cute that you will absolutely be compelled to use it in a girl’s room whether newborn or under 10! It’s irresistible and so delicate that you’ll fall in love.


Butternut Squash: This bronzed orange is gorgeous and full of vegetable-inspired colour!

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