Tips for Hiring Renovations Contractors in Edmonton

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Hiring a renovations contractor can be quite challenging. This is because there are many contractors out there, all making huge promises, but not all deliver on their promises. The real work is sorting through all the available contractors to find a reliable one who will be suitable for your project. If you are planning a big renovation, such as basement development in Edmonton, you should be careful when hiring a contractor for the job. Renovations can be quite expensive, and the only way to enjoy a return on the investment is to get the expected results. Here are some tips to help you hire the right renovations contractors in Edmonton:

Do Your Homework

This is true for both the renovation project itself and the contractor you hire. For the renovation, you will want to know the result you want and a realistic budget. For the contractor, you want to hire someone who has previous experience with the type of project you want, preferably with work samples and testimonials. If you are planning a basement development in Edmonton, for example, hire a contractor who has experience with these kinds of projects. You should also find a contractor who has proper licensing and adequate insurance.

Interview Multiple Contractors

After you have found a few renovations contractors in Edmonton that seem able to complete the project, you will want to interview each of them separately. Ask them questions like whether or not they have ever taken on projects of this scale, how long they predict the project will take and if they can get the required permits for the job. During interviews, listen to the contractors’ answers for professionalism and assuredness. You should also be comfortable with the contractor you hire for basement development in Edmonton, since you will be working with them for quite some time.

Get Quotes

After interviewing the contractors, ask anyone you are still interested in to give you a quote for the job. The quote should be inclusive of the cost of materials and labour. Remember that the lowest quote might not always be the best choice. Carry out some research regarding the cost of a renovation job like yours. Ensure that you take factors such as available work samples and experience into account. Choose a renovations contractor who offers a good balance of experience, licensing, warranty and a reasonable price.

Put It in Writing

Once you have settled on a contractor that you feel is most suitable for the project, ensure that you get the terms of their estimate in a legally binding document. The written contract should include things like start and end dates, cost, and payment schedule. Both you and the contractor should sign the contract. Nobody wants to think about bad things happening, but having a signed contract gives you an opportunity for legal recourse in case something goes wrong in the course of the renovation. Reliable renovations contractors in Edmonton understand that having all details of the project in writing protects you both. If a potential renovations contractor is hesitant to provide you with a written contract, you should take your business elsewhere.


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